Vashikaran Puja for Love by Photo and Process

photo vashikaran mantra

What is Vashikaran Puja?

First of all, you should know about the complete details of vashikaran before learning about vashikaran puja for love by photo and process. Vashikaran is a Vedic art in which a vashikaran specialist control mind, body, speech, and soul of the target person. This process is complete by calling special powers.

These powers are bound to do the task as ordered by the vashikaran specialist. Vashikaran is an ancient Indian art of controlling someone. It is also known as sammohan (Hypnotism in English). This whole task of vashikaran should be processed under the supervision vashikaran specialist to get the desired results.

Vashikaran puja is the process or vidhi that is used to complete the vashikaran task with proper procedure. With the help of this, you can get your lover in your life, you will do those things that you want to do. Generally, it means that you can achieve everything with the help of vashikaran.

We can use Vashikaran Puja for Various Purpose:-

Is your life filled with troubles? This type of problem may arise because of any number of factors, such as a loved one, an enemy, or even a husband-wife issue. When you are able to control someone, then all such problems can be resolved.

As we have already told you above, that vashikaran will help you to solve all your problems. Here in the below, we are providing you all our services whom our Guru Sandeep Ji deal with:

  1. To get your love back.
  2. Solve husband wife dispute problem solution.
  3. To get success in love marriage.
  4. Family problem solution.
  5. Money and job problems.

Above all, if you have any other problem in your life can be solved using vashikaran puja.

photo vashikaran mantra
photo vashikaran mantra

In other words, we can say that vashikaran puja is vidhi to attract someone. As a result, you can control someone’s mind by vashikaran puja. Usually, persons who aren’t getting enough in their life, take the help of vashikaran to fulfill their desires. The time and duration of vashikaran puja depend purely on the situation and type of the problem you are facing. In many cases, vashikaran in one day is also possible.

Vashikaran Puja for Love

If you are facing any difficulties in your love relationship or love marriage. If you want to get your lost love back by vashikaran. Do not be worry and don’t wait any more. It’s time for you to consult your love problem with our vashikaran puja specialist astrologer guru Sandeep Ji.

After listening problem, our guru Ji will suggest the proper solution through vashikaran puja for love. Any kind of love problem can be solved by vashikaran puja very quickly in seconds. There is no matter how complex your love problem and what’s the situation you are having in a relationship.

Even if your lover is not in a relationship with you and now he or she is dating someone else. Even he is cheating with you. At that time, you can cast vashikaran puja for love with the help of a specialist astrologer guru using his/her photo or name. Vashikaran process applied on photo and name is referred to as vashikaran by photo and vashikaran by name respectively.

Process of Vashikaran Puja

  • You need to get a lemon and spike it with four nails.
  • Now, you need to get a hair strand or cloth of the target person and tie it with nails.
  • You have to keep your mind clear and only concentrate on the target person.
  • Now chant this mantra:-

Vashaan Amuk karaha Karaha, HridayKampini Vasham Karoti

  • You have to chant this mantra seven times.
  • And after that juice of this lemon need to be drunk by the target person via food or any liquid diet.

As lemon goes into the body of the target person. You will be able to control his body/mind. Now you can make him/her obedient without knowing him.

Vashikaran Puja by Photo or Photo Se Vashikaran

Do you think is it possible to bring your lost love back just by using a photo of your lost lover? Not sure? Yes, it’s actually possible to get your lost love back by photo just using vashikaran puja for lover. You can get your love back not only by photo vashikaran but also by using the name vashikaran.

Vashikaran puja by Photo or photo se vashikaran is the best process of getting the love of lover without inviting him/her. The photo of your lover works as an object in the vashikaran puja process. In this photo, the vashikaran specialist can cast powerful vashikaran spells.

As a result target person will be under your control. If you don’t have a photo of your lover you can use his/her name too. You can use both photo and name vashikaran to get lost love back. If you don’t perform such vashikaran by yourself, then don’t worry, our Guru Sandeep Ji will help you.

Name Vashikaran Mantra To Bring Lost Love:-


This mantra has been energized by shankh (Conch Shell). This is a very strong vashikaran and you can use it to attract anyone easily. You can control the mind and body of any person. This vashikaran puja should be done on Sunday morning after taking bath and wearing clean clothes.

You should do it without any gap on Sunday. You can get some other process of vashikaran by guru Ji if you want. If you want to bring your lost love back and want to attract anybody using vashikaran. You can do it by just showing his photo to our photo vashikaran specialist astrologer.

He can cast more vashikaran puja spells. And as a result, you can get your love back and he always will be with you. Hence if you don’t want to cheat consult with a known and expert astrologer. Our Guru Sandeep Ji is 24/7 available to help you to solve your love problem.