Inter Caste Love Marriage Solutions and Astrology Specialist

love marriage solution

Marriage in our Indian society is not just limited to two persons, but its a point where two different families come together and bind each other in a rope of trust and love. If we look back in time, arrange marriage was practiced and promoted to the next generations. That is why some parents still hesitate or completely deny their children wish to marry a girl/ boy whom they love.

Even though you can convince to let you marry, the marriage is still not able to get the same respect as the arrange marriage gets. In rural areas, people are still not accepting love marriage, but an opposite picture can be seen in urban societies. As a result, people find it hard to convince their parents and end up marrying a person they don’t even know. The biggest reason for there parent’s hesitation is the religious and other differences like economic, horoscope matching, etc.

love marriage solution
love marriage solution

To solve your problems, you should seek the help of an experienced love marriage specialist who is having a good knowledge of horoscope matching and planetary positions and is a good astrologer. But before going to a specialist astrologer, let’s discuss what astrology can tell about your luck of getting married to whom you love.

Love Marriage Astrology

Whether or not my gunas will match with the one I love? Is there any chance that I will be able to convince my parents about my love marriage? Can I do an inter-cast marriage? These are a few of many questions that arise in your mind when you think about love marriage. There are several things you need to ask from an astrologer or Pandit Ji before you marry. Planetary positions in your Kundli and matching of gunas play an important role. There are 36 gunas out of which at least 10 gunas should of the girl and boy should be matching. Similarly, the position of Rahu, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in your birth chart(Kundli) plays an important role in bringing the situations in your favor.

There is a strong connection between house and love and romance that is 5th and 7th house in your birth chart. Having a love marriage in your horoscope doesn’t give security to get you married to the one you love. Obstacles created by your family, society, relatives and the position of other planets may not allow you to move forward.

Love Marriage Specialist

Love marriage specialist or Baba Ji is an experienced person knowing mind-reading, vashikaran, and horoscope matching. A lot of problems can be solved by vashikaran and mantras given by specialists. There are a few common problems like disagreement of the family members, social pressure, misunderstanding between partners, and inter-caste partners which stop you to get your life partner.

 A specialist can guide you the way you apply vashikaran and other mantras to solve your problem and live happily. Sometimes you may face a problem even after you got married and have 1 or 2 children, you have little quarrels with your wife/husband and family. A specialist can suggest you the way through which you can convince them and live a happy love or inter-caste married life.

Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer

An experienced astrologer can tell you the problems you might face in the future of your marriage. From the centuries there exist a strong hatred between upper and lower caste people, due to which inter-caste marriage is very rare and the lucky ones who get married still not get respect and admiration from their family. With various techniques suggested by the astrologer or Baba Ji, you can change your life and bring love and happiness to your family. A good astrologer is an expert in identifying the pulse of society and your family and will give the correct mantra to control and bring it your favor. He knows well about the social norms which can go against your choice.

Love Marriage Problem Solutions

India is a country with a huge number of religions and cultures. Divide by language, food, culture, clothes, and places, parents force their children to marry in the same caste and culture. Anyone who wants to do an inter-caste marriage or want to marry a girl/boy from another part of the country faces a lot of difficulties and finds hard to convince their family members. Sometimes the children also don’t know whether they love each other or not, this can result to a lot of trouble in the future and may even lead to divorce.

To avoid such things you should be well aware of the background of the girl/boy you love and her caste and culture. You should also consider her likes and dislikes, and match your birth chart with her’s. You can ask from an astrologer to guide you on the right path which can give you benefits in the long run.

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