Lal Kitab Remedies for Marriage Problems

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A married life of a person is afflicted with transit of planets, periods, and yogas in his /her natal chart or horoscope. Planets positions doesn’t remain in auspicious period in the horoscope or birth chart of both the partners. But under that situation there may be tackle of some problems coming in married life so to obtain a best solution you have to consult a best astrologer and get LAL Kitab remedies for successful married life.

lal kitab for marriage

Often person may involve in disputes and conflicts and this is due to their unfavorable period of time. Under that circumstances, person may lose patience thus try to sustain situation be in their control. He/she also looking some astrological remedies to handle such situation with ease. Here our astrologers bring a best Lal Kitab upay for marriage life. You can easily adopt this strategy just by sitting at home, you don’t need any costly ingredients while implementing this.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Married life and Reduce bitterness

  • Lord Siddhi Vinayak known as Ganesh is the lord of intelligence. By worship Lord Ganesh you can diminish bitterness which arises in your marriage relationship. So those couples who might face conflicts, stress and troubles in their married life can perform this remedy. The attribute of this upay is it also aid you in improving relations between husband and wife by blessings of Lord Ganesh. So it is auspicious to implement it on Shukla Paksha of Wednesday. In this procedure person must offer 21 grass each have 5 leaves. Offer 2 leaves at a time and perform it for 10 to 11 times in front of Lord Ganesh idol. Chant below Ganesh mantra by offering grass.

Ganesh mantra: Om Ekdantaayae vidhmahe, Vakrtundaaye Dhimaahi Tanno Daanti Prachodayat Om Vakratundaaya Hum Fhat||

  • To remove obstacles comes in your married life you can also perform Durga Saptshati Path daily.

Lal Kitab remedies for marriage delay

Wedding is a knot that one person makes with another to spend their whole life happily and comfortably with each other. The women or man have to accept each other physically, emotionally and mentally to each other. But nowadays to due to varying lifestyles, changing outlook or modernization it becomes an issues. Somewhat it becomes a matter of worry or tension for parents of a girl. It is frequently heard that girl parents are impotent to find compatible match for their daughters due to this reason her marriage get delayed. Deliberately delay in marriage is one issue but in spite of wedding get delay by so much endeavors putting by family then it needs to matter of serious attention. There might also be some astrological reasons behind in marriage delay.

Delaying marriage knowingly is an another concern but when it is getting too late after so much genuine struggles than it becomes a thoughtful issues which requisites to be pay attention. There might be a zodiacal explanations for marriage delay. Whether marriage delay is due to malefic placement of planets in natal chart so that after putting so much sincere efforts though it couldn’t give you a promising outcomes. Nevertheless some remedial activities are required in such circumstances which are very valuable way for late marriage or early marriage.

Some astrological reasons for late marriage

  • Owner of 7th house is debilitated than it is likely to be delay in marriage.
  • Venus in horoscope of person should be weak.
  • Various dosh like mangal dosh, Nadi dosh or Kalsarp dosh present in horoscope.
  • 7th house is empty thus there would be no planet then it also0 cause delay in marriage.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Early marriage

  • Girl must have to go to Lord Shiva temple and offer water.
  • Chant regularly “Om Namah Shivaya” for early marriage.
  • One of the Lal Kitab remedies for early marriage is that girl would keep a photograph of Parvati and Shiva in her home and touch their feet regularly.

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